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Ariëlla Kornmehl

A Silent Mother

Loenia is suddenly called to her birthplace, St Petersburg, when she\'s thirty-four. She hasn’t been back since her marriage in the Netherlands.

Her father is not well and wants to speak to his beloved daughter one more time. Despite an agreement with his wife never to raise the topic, he explains that he has never known for sure that Loenia is really his daughter. Maybe she’ll bring subject up with her mother; woman to woman? Loenia is speechless.

Her mother, who has never wanted to burden her child with her past, is dismayed. Despite this, at first hesitatingly, she starts to talk about her student years in the Czech city Brno at the end of the sixties. About her two great loves and the impossible choice she had to make and the forlorn rage of not being able to discuss it with anyone there. About history and the difficult choices sometimes made for you and how unbearable it is when even the happiness of your family can be a
source of pain.

After these discussions mother and daughter start to see each other in a new light. In A silent mother Ariella Kornmehl writes about people prepared to move mountains for love or ideals but whom, -because it is too difficult or they are too weak -find other means of achieving their goals. A ruse, a white lie, a half-truth or a monumental self-deception. But, achieved like this, is truth a failure and dirty-tricks a blessing? A silent mother is a breathtaking story more captivating than any simple yes or no.