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Ariëlla Kornmehl

Hidden Feelings

Jet vows to never tell the truth to the son she was forced to give birth to he will never know about the violence that created his life. When Jet moves back to Amsterdam after the war, the young boy stays behind with the neighbor. It is through the eyes of this boy that we discover a different side of the father, who abused Jet. Is it possible for such a man to be a good father? 

Inspired by the stories of her grandmother, Kornmehl sets out to discover the magnitude of the impact of events that happened in the World War II. She tells the heartbreakin story of Jet, forced to give her child to her Nazi neighbor, and of the troubling life the child is born into. And the there is the painting of Degas, the ballerina that accompanied Jet when she fled from her home - a silent observer, a witness to events that Jet will only speak of again at the very end of her life.


'I just can't get enough of her stories' Tommy Wieringa